Our Programs

The Pandora’s Fund

Providing essential veterinarian care to senior companion dogs of fixed income owners in the Central Valley.  Many senior dogs end up in kill shelters or on the street because their owners can’t afford essential vet care expenses.

The Pandora’s Fund

  • Allows medically needy senior dogs to remain at home with their families
  • Provides up to $1,000 in essential vet care per year and 3 months of Rx medications
  • Referral based by licensed professionals
  • Application required
  • Income qualified
  • Offers referrals to free or low cost community resources

For additional information call (559) 261-5746

or e-mail us at elderpawsfoundation@yahoo.com

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For the Love of Buttons Program

Our “For the Love of Buttons” program aims to encourage rescue organizations to save more medically needy senior dogs by covering the cost of initial vet care needed to prepare the dog for adoption. Often rescues, who work on a tight budget, are unable to take on senior shelter dogs with health issues due to the higher cost of treating those older animal. This program allows them to rescue seniors without having to worry about upfront budgetary limitations.

Dingo’s Bye-Bye Bugs Program

Our “Dingo’s Bye-Bye Bugs” program provides flea control products to residents of local low-income housing communities. Good flea control products can often be expensive, making them out of reach for low-income pet parents; who often purchase cheap flea control products that don’t work or cause skin issues. By partnering with social workers in low-income residential communities, we are able to bring resident pet parents high-quality, name-brand flea control products. Our mobile program goes out to the housing communities during the hottest months (May-Oct) and delivers products directly. We continue to offer products by special request outside these months.




“There is nothing better than being a voice for the old, sick, and frail! Senior dogs, much like senior humans, are an underserved population in our community. Often seniors receive inadequate care due to vet costs, leading to chronic illness. Improving the quality of life for “old souls” provides them the opportunity to live a longer, happier life. The joy and love that they have to offer are unlike any other feeling you will ever experience! Caring for these souls is not only a blessing for them but a life-changing experience for us all. In addition to helping low-income owners care for their seniors, we are always in need of hospice fosters for our chronically ill dogs. Don’t just expect change…make it happen!”


We strive to establish a compassionate community where dogs and people are valued and respected. We are 100% volunteer based, a California 501c3 non-profit, and exist solely on donations to continue our services.