Keeping Pets and People Together


Because financial status should never come between
an owner and their companion animal.


should never separate a family

Elder Paws Senior Dog Foundation is a 501c3 California non profit organization (EIN# 45-5291667) that strives to encourage pet retention by covering essential vet care costs allowing dogs six years and older to stay at home with their humans rather than being surrendered to Central Valley kill shelters.



How to Help Us

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We offer several ways to both help and receive finances, and with it, the ability to make a change…

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Providing emergency vet care to senior companion dogs of low income owners is only part of what we do . . .

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Join us in improving the quality of life for senior dogs in our community . . .

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Help us keep families together by exploring the ways you can contribute to our cause . . .

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We are here by your

loving generosity

We’re proud of our Pandora Fund family

Our innovative Pandora Fund is a pro-active pet retention program that focuses on assisting fixed income owners of senior dogs to cover the cost of critical vet care, allowing senior dogs to maintain an improved quality of life in their current home and preventing the high risk of euthanasia at overcrowded kill shelters.

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