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Elder Paws really needs your help! So many senior dogs are abandoned or surrendered to shelters each year. Many shelters realize that seniors are less attractive to adopters than younger dogs and they are often the first dogs to lose their lives to make room for more adoptable, younger dogs. A foster home literally means the difference between life and death of a senior shelter dog. If you are like us and believe that seniors still have value and would like to foster one of our amazing seniors you can start the process by filling out the application below.Once completed one of our foster coordinators will reach out to you regarding the next step in the foster process.

A PDF of the application may also be downloaded here: 2023 Foster Application

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Foster Application

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Have you ever fostered for another rescue or animal welfare organization before? If so please enter the information below for at least two organization you fostered with so that we may do a reference check.

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Thank you for applying to foster one of our senior companion animals!

Our foster families agree to accept any animal in need, however we can accept foster requests to exclude specific breeds and sexes (male or female) with no guarantee as to how long it will take to find that specific breed or sex of dog.

Our short term fosters care for adoptable senior dogs on a short term basis, typically 3 – 4 weeks while they receive initial vet care. All supplies (food, vet care, medications, collars, leashes, ID tags) will be provided for you.

Our long term fosters are entrusted with our most medically needy senior dogs. These dogs will be in the foster’s care for an unknown amount of time until they are ready to leave this world.

[If an unexpected situation arises where you are unable to continue to care for a foster dog the foster agrees to provide Elder Paws with a (2) week notice, continuing to properly care for the dog, while another foster is found.]

Your foster application will be processed within 3-5 days; you will be contacted at that time for the next step in the process.

Any questions please contact us at (559) 261-5746.

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