In Memory Of

This page is dedicated to those senior dogs that touched our lives and hearts over the years. Even though they left us all too soon their lives did matter. Each one was loved and cherished by caring humans during the last days of their lives. They will not be forgotten…


was rescued from our local SPCA at the end of 2014. She was picked up as a stray, and never claimed. We had to act fast to rescue her; she was out of time. After about with kennel cough and staying with her temporary foster, she moved to her long-term fosters, while waiting for just the right person. Being a Jack Russell mix, they like stuff to do. She had a few training sessions, and did great with learning how to focus her energy. After a trip to Cayucos, CA in March 2015, she met her match from heaven. Daniel, who had a JRT little boy, was familiar with the breed and attended special training sessions with our trainer so the proper introductions could be made. Everyone passed with flying colors, and from then on Jilly, and her new brother Finny bonded. We estimate that Jilly was 15 yrs old when she passed in late 2016. You never know when their day is going to come, so cherish your fur babies for as long as you can. Jilly was super spoiled and had one of the best families anyone could have hoped for. She enjoyed lounging in the sun, playing in the leaves, walks, car rides, and most especially hanging out in the kitchen! Our thoughts and prayers are with Jilly’s family.


passed away In January 2015. He arrived at Elder Paws in October 2014 after his owner could no longer care for him or his mates from Yuba City.
This 10 year old spirited Doxie, just never caught a break. And although all of his initial tests only revealed a heart murmur, he had seizures, then, we learned he had anal cancer, and suffered a stroke. He would always rebound, and the bounce in his step returned, along with the Doxie appetite, but we knew the situation was not going to get any better. The fear of another debilitating seizure or stroke always loomed for Teddy.

He had some amazing fosters and caretakers who took him to the vet. They let him live his last few months to the fullest. He received the love he deserved. He had advocates in Yuba City, and a transporting team rallied to save his life, along with his senior companions Bonita and Dino. We miss your bravery and spirit Teddy!


came to our foster home in November of 2015. His time was up at the shelter and Elder Paws no longer pulled from the shelter Baxter was at. But when we saw that face being networked on Facebook something called to us and we couldn’t resist his crooked smile and wonderful brown eyes. Being the social butterfly he never met another dog he didn’t like.

He persevered thru two foster homes, numerous ailments, and even 40 days of continuous care at the vet for contagious sarcoptic mange. In February he was deemed healed from the mange and returned our foster home. His youthful spirit and seemingly boundless energy were never diminished through it all and he spent two more months as our foster before catching the eye of an adopter in Arizona, who drove all the way to California to meet Baxter and take him home to a loving forever home in Arizona to live out his days.
Sadly, Baxter was diagnosed with an undetected malignant liver mass not long after he was adopted and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 14th. He spent his final weeks receiving unmatched love and compassionate care from his new owner. He left the world cradled in the arms of the human he loved and adored. Baxter will be missed by all who were fortunate enough to know him, he may be gone but never forgotten! Even though his remaining time left turned out to be brief, Baxter epitomized all and why we do what we do at Elder Paws.


we lost our sweet Sharkey in August of 2015. Sharkey came to us in 2013 aged at 12-13 years old, and it was obvious to us that he had led a rough life. We believe he was hit by a car, and his leg injury was never treated, resulting in a limp, and slow gait. Sharkey was a sweet old guy who never gave anyone a lick of trouble, was very quiet and reserved, although a bit stubborn and set in his ways. He was dog, cat, squirrel, bird, peacock, donkey, and everything friendly. Nothing phased him!

Sharkey started to slow down after being with a few wonderful fosters. We then placed him in one of our hospice foster homes, who saw Sharkey go up and down. He was carried when he had no strength to walk, placed in front of the fan on hot summer days, and he indulged with all his favorites like pizza and ice cream. Sharkey was happy and felt safe and secure…he left this earth having experienced joy and peace. Sharkey let us know when it was time. What more could a senior dog ask for? We were honored to have had a part in making Sharkey’s life better. He was an endearing old soul and we will miss him. RIP sweet boy.


was gone too soon, after a short illness. He was a favorite of the Elder Paws volunteers and the public who met him, We think of his endless energy, love of all food, he even ate his veggies. Greetings at the door at the end of the day, wanting your….attention and a walk NOW! But, he would be satisfied taking a nap with you instead.
From the graduation from the dog bed, to burrowing under the covers in our bed. You even have the honor of being one of the few dogs, your foster brother, Gonzo gave a free pass too. Chili exuded confidence in true doxie form.

Chili knew love the remaining months of life, and did not die in a shelter alone after being abandoned by his family.


came into our life as a transport. He “had us at hello”. We turned him over to Elder Paws foster but had heavy hearts. Our Lucy was battling pancreatitis. Upon her passing, we begged for a foster. When we found Conner needed a new place, we jumped at the chance.
He immediately bonded to Terry – followed him everywhere, wrapped him around his finger. He grew to love our walks and let his displeasure be known if cats or squirrels were in our neighborhood. He had a voice that was loud and boisterous. He barked for two since Roxy had been de-barked at her previous home.
He was our foster for less than 24 hours – and our son for the rest of his time. He was 10 years young when he became ours and we only had 15 months but loved every day, every minute. He traveled in the car, pickup, and RV and just wanted to be with us.

He showed Roxy where to hide bones, how to tilt her head and look at us with Cocker Eyes.
The house is quiet with his passing, We miss him more than I’d have thought possible but one day another senior will find us and steal our hearts. Cocker Eyes are special and Conner had those in spades!


must have endured years of neglect and abuse. She was blind and almost deaf, it appears she must have lost her sight due to trauma and was rescued by an advocate in the Kern County, CA area. Upon arriving to Fresno, she was provided a safe haven, where she could explore, sleep as much as she wanted, and be part of a family (2 legged and 4 legged). She got on a routine schedule, enjoyed short walks, and especially meal time. After having 16 teeth rotting teeth removed, she felt good for awhile. Dingo, a fellow EP rescue who was with her since her August of 2015, watched over & protected her. He snuggled up against her at night.

A few days, after moving to her special needs foster, she said it was time, and her health declined rapidly. Although it was very sudden for all of us, we knew she may not have long. She was probably shown love and compassion for the first time in her life, and now is a puppy again on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Bless you Maggie, your spirit remains in our hearts.


was a senior male Border Collie, He was very emaciated at just 28 lbs, heart worm positive, hearing impaired and suffered from hair loss and degenerative joint disease. He was so weak he had to be carried out of the shelter and we were uncertain he would live another 30 days. But with the help of a caring, dedicated foster, Collin was treated for heart worm, his weight went up to 44 lbs, and he developed a beautiful coat. When Colin’s adopter found Colin she was not looking for another dog but “there was just something about Colin that drew me in.” Colin was adopted and, in his adopter’s words: “Thus began a love affair with one of the strongest, bravest and loving dogs I have ever known.” Having been starved for so long before being rescued Colin had a ravishing appetite and over the next year he gained another 10 lbs, weighing in at 54 lbs; he had a wonderful time with his siblings exploring and playing every day. Slowly, however, his past life caught up with him and his arthritic hips took a toll on Colin, leaving him barely able to get up or down and having to be held up to urinate and eat.

Colin’s adopter realized his quality of life was declining quickly, and on March 11, 2015 she put his feelings ahead of her own, and gave Colin yet another loving gift as she held, petted, and loved on Colin while her vet gently help him cross the Rainbow Bridge. “In the almost 2 years we had Colin he never let on that he was ever in pain. He was a brave strong, determined dog. He will always hold a special place in our hearts.” Colin’s foster and adopter made a huge difference in his life during his final time on earth, making up for the previous abuse and neglect in his former home. That is what it is all about.


Snowball came to us with a nasty case of kennel cough. She was very shy and tired., yet her eyes’s would light up and she would wag her tail each time her foster mom walked into the room. She did well with all the other animals in her foster home and settled in beautifully. Snowball was a world class snuggler and loved to just sit with her foster mom and watch what ever it was she was doing at the time. Snowball’s forever family included a young girl, whom she adored and was totally devoted to. We are so thankful that we had a foster available so we could be a part of helping Snowball through a small part of her lifes journey. She was a true blessing and is deeply missed.


Buttons was a 9 year old female Reindeer Chi who came to us in 2014 with a chronic genetic skin condition and a compromised immune system. We embarked on a 15 month journey treating her with both traditional medicine and holistic medicine. We finally had a breakthrough when the mange cleared up, but then a yeast infection set it. Though her foster mom showered her with love and affection, in the end, it was just not enough. When she succumbed to a staph infection the decision was made to send her on to the Rainbow Bridge. Buttons was a true joy, loved life to the fullest, and will be greatly missed by all who knew her.


Skyler was a 12 year old male Cocker Spaniel who came to us from the Kern County Shelter. His gums were deteriorated down to the bone and his teeth were all rotting and falling out of his mouth. Within a week he had developed a high fever and it was discovered that he had a liver mass. Skyler’s fever could not be controlled and he was very sick. We made the difficult, but humane, choice to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge. He left this earth wrapped in the arms of his loving foster mom.


Frankie was a 7 year old Chihuahua mix who came to us from Liberty Animal Control. It was quite clear from the beginning that Frankie was very ill. He was diagnosed with an end stage liver problem and placed in hospice care. Despite our best efforts, Frankie became weaker and was not eating or drinking. When he left this world it was in the arms of those who loved him cared for him in his final days.


Tanner was an 8 year old Chihuahua mix whose crooked smile was so endearing. Tanner had had dental surgery at the shelter to address dental issues. Soon after coming to us, Tanner developed a very high fever and starting having seizures. It was discovered that he had an infection in his blood that had gone undetected. Tanner was rushed to the emergency vet one evening where he became lethargic and unresponsive. Tanner was released to the Rainbow Bridge where he no longer feels any pain.


Gizmo was a 7 year old male Pomeranian mix who never knew a stranger. He was quite the portly little guy, always the perfect little gentleman, calm, relaxed and a true love bug.” After 8 months Gizmo’s foster mom came home one night and found Gizmo unable to stand up and lethargic. Gizmo was rushed to the Emergency Vet where it was discovered that he had a large, inoperable liver mass that was growing quickly. Gizmo’s foster mom was there by his side when he took his last breath whispering words of love and encouragement the entire time.


Ethan came to us with a large tumor on his front leg that had been neglected by his previous owner. He was quiet (a dog of few barks), an extraordinarily mellow fellow with a heart of gold. Ethan loved everyone he came in contact with. Despite the large mass on his front leg he loved going for walks to the park. We know our sweet Ethan is at the Rainbow Bridge, tail wagging to greet us one day. Until then, his spirit lives on in our hearts and we are so thankful to have had him with us for the time he was here and that we were able to make his life happy in the end.


Was a 10 year old Mini Poodle. We pulled Milo from the Kern Shelter, and he passed away, just days after his rescue. He had to be rushed to the vet as he had not eaten in days and was having trouble breathing. He continued to decline, still not eating, not able to keep even fluids down, continued labored breathing, and crying in pain. His x-rays showed a mass in his liver which had spread to the lungs, thus the labored breathing; blood work came in this am and showed Milo was in kidney failure & he had a very high red blood cell count indicating a serious infection in the blood likely due to all the bacteria in his rotting teeth. His prognosis was very poor, he could not stand or walk and was suffering. So we made the tough decision to humanely euthanize Milo to stop his suffering. This poor boy was dropped off, blind and hard of hearing, in an alley, left to die, and then left in a cage at the shelter, not able to hear or see anything and terribly sick. Milo is no longer suffering and he is romping like a pup with the angels.

A huge thank you to foster family for taking in this special guy. “It is amazing how attached one can get in just a couple of days but we know we showed him the love he deserved in that short time and he spent his last evening on my lap watching TV and feeling a true family’s love”. He left this earth feeling loved and valued, what a blessing for Milo.


the pommie who was rescued in the early summer of 2013 passed away in March of 2015. We at Elder Paws were devastated, but are ever so grateful we were able to rescue her from an LA area shelter and give her the best for the rest of her days! This was thanks to our supporters and many who pledged for her rescue.
We know a lot of her fans, and followers remember she was dumped by her family and was wearing a pink dress, and her tail was dyed pink. Soon after she learned they were not coming back for her, Ruby started to shut down. She was on the euthanasia list, and we had to act fast.

After we learned of her story, she was transported to Fresno, and her life turned around. She was placed with a foster, where Ruby started to shine again. The shutdown pommie turned back into a princess, and enjoyed her walks “prancing”, perching herself on top of the couch, and could part the seas by the presence of her little bad self, by walking past her foster brothers and sister, with confidence and they always moved out of her way.

Every time she was posted on Facebook with an update, she was always a hit, and one of our most popular “children”. Finally, in December 2013, she found the perfect parents, Cari and Matt. Before Christmas of that year, she had her forever home. Since that time she was doted on, went camping, and to work with the family. She had wonderful dog siblings and was finally able to relax with them because she knew this time was forever. We always received “Ruby updates” and she continued to remain a Facebook favorite.
While we were saddened by her passing, we try to remember she experienced two Christmases and had a family that did everything for her.

Rest in peace sweet Ruby girl. The princess will never be forgotten.


was a quiet, gentle soul who spoke volumes with his eyes. It was with those eyes that he caught my attention when Cathie Garnier and I went to the Porterville, CA shelter that July morning. We were planning to save 4 dogs that day, and left with 7 amazing dogs!!

Shelby did not require much, he just needed to have me in his sight and would follow me everywhere I went. He would take himself on leisurely walks through the yard smelling the flowers and inspecting the grounds along the way. Even though he was suffering from diminished eyesight, he got around very well.

He met me at the garage door every day after work with a puppy like skip in his step and a great big smile on his face. He helped just melt the stress of my day away with just one look at that face. He brings a smile to my face every time I think of him.

I can’t express how thankful I am for the opportunity I had to spend the last few years of his life with him. I miss him each and every day. From Shelby’s foster mom, Shirene Bailey